Khabib vs Poirier

Khabib vs Poirier: The big Khabib Nurmagomedov is back in the octagon this weekend with a UFC 242 stacked card from Abu Dhabi. Saturday, September 7th will mark the date of your newspaper, as some of the most popular MMA fighters in the arena are on Yas Island. ESPN + has already officially opened the PPV distribution to make sure you are well prepared to follow all the action.He only scored a title in defense against McGregor in October. Immediately after this fight at UFC 229, which symbolically resembled the end of the McGregor era, Nurmagomedov jumped out of the cage to face the Irishman’s corner. This resulted in a nine-month suspension and, paradoxically, a provisional lightweight at the beginning of this year.

On Saturday Nurmagomedov will again try to unify the title against the interim champion Dustin Poirier (25-5) in Abu Dhabi (UAE) to 155 pounds. UFC 242 was built around Nurmagomedov, a very popular devout Muslim in the Middle East. Although he does not regret the actions that led to his suspension – in fact, he says he would fight McGregor on the street to this day – he seems to want to return to his job. In honor of what he had promised before. I still want to fight, said Nurmagomedov to ESPN. I have to defend. Of course I will finish [my career] in the future, but at the moment I am still hungry. I want to compete. “

The mere fact that Nurmagomedov will face Poirier this weekend is a sign that the division could be back on track. Poirier won the sub-title in April against featherweight champion Max Holloway. If Holloway had won, a champion-versus-champion fight with Nurmagomedov would have been a great operation – much more important than this fight against Poirier. However, after the victory of Poirier Nurmagomedov was not looking for a challenger with a larger name. McGregor, on the other hand, never showed any interest in facing Tony Ferguson as champion despite having won an intermediate title.

None of this indicates that McGregor actively avoided his responsibility as a champion. The movements he made on the summit were understandable. After winning the 145-pound crown, he immediately wanted to come to power while holding two titles that had never been done before. And when he did that, he basically wanted to make a unique opportunity – a lucrative boxing match against Floyd Mayweather – come true. However, the impact of these decisions on two divisions is negative.

Nurmagomedov’s focus on Pear – even the biggest fight in the UFC history against McGregor – is refreshing. But for him, it is only natural progress to be a champion.Honestly, he surprised me when he won,” said Nurmagomedov about Poirier. “I think Max Holloway will beat him, but he shows good skills, good heart … (…) For the moment, I think Dustin Poirier is an acting master, a tough opponent, he has to beat him.And after this fight, I have to fight Tony Ferguson, I have to beat him and strengthen my legacy every time.”All actions of Nurmagomedov until the end of his career will be based on the same idea: Inheritance.

That’s why he not only accepted the fight against Poirier – the division’s top candidate – but also wanted it. And that’s why he’s so ready to put Ferguson’s name in the next row. Ferguson has made 12 wins, but he has been hard pressed to grab the public’s attention. This is the kind of opponent who wants to dodge a fighter. However Nurmagomedov believes that a fight between him and Ferguson is the most important match that the UFC can make in each division.

“He wants to be the best of times, and I personally think he will do that with two or three more title defenses,” said Javier Mendez, Nurmagomedov coach. “One hundred percent, he feels committed to the title, which is why he does not refuse challengers, the only time he will not fight is [during the annual Muslim Lent]. Ramadan, that’s all, otherwise, when he’s in good health he says, “Let’s go.” He does not want to fight. “

After his great success against Conor McGregor almost a year ago, it’s no wonder the MMA world can not wait to see what Khabib will do next. He remains undefeated in 27 professional fights, and you can only ask McGregor how difficult it will be for someone to resist a fierce fight against the khabib for gold.

Khabib Nurmagomedov will now carry his UFC lightweight title and undefeated record to the forefront of the UFC 242 main event. Nurmagomedov, the undisputed champion and interim champion Dustin Poirier, will bring together the lightweight UFC titles. The place is Abu Dhabi, the first action trip in the UAE city since 2014.

Edson Barboza and Paul Felder meet for a light weight. Barboza is No. 9 in the list of the top 10 ESPN. On April 7, 2018, Khabib Nurmagomedov, the night he became the UFC lightweight champion, made it clear that the Shenanigans, who had been threatening the division for nearly two years, were over.

“I told you I would change this game,” Nurmagomedov said after defeating Al Iaquinta to win the vacant belt. “Now, there is only one champion left, more bad champions, no more champion who never defends his title, now the UFC has a champion and this champion wants to defend himself.”